Our History and Our Goal

History of Our Program

 Boys’ soccer was originally started at Sunny Hills High School in 1981 by the late Kenn Gordon. The following year the girls’ soccer program was established and a joint program was formed. The two programs stayed together as a unified Sunny Hills Soccer Booster Club until 2006, whereas the two programs became separate entities. In the history of the boys’ program they have been guided by three coaches over its entire existence, with Coach Mike Schade for the last 27 seasons. The boys’ teams have won 12 Freeway League titles; have been CIF Champions, CIF finalist and CIF quarterfinalists. The program has developed a CIF Player of the Year, as well as 40 All CIF players, 11 Freeway League Player’s of the Year, and 5 players recognized as All Orange County. The success of the boys’ program has been guided by the following goals, visions, mission statements and philosophies.

This is Our Goal

“If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.”

The goal at Sunny Hills High School for boys’ soccer is to build a Sunny Hills High School Men’s Soccer Program that is better than ever – a great program for the decades to come, the finest developmental soccer program with a focus for complete development, whose athletic and people-building traditions converge to make it a positive, unifying, developmental force in the Orange County community.