Athletic Code

“Whenever you do a thing, act as if al the world were watching.”

The Sunny Hills Athletic Code is designed as a guide to the rules, requirements and expectations which are incumbent upon the student-athletes at Sunny Hills High School.  It is our belief that the student-athletes learn that they are now representing more than just themselves.  They have both the responsibility and the honor to represent the school and its entire body.  Student-athletes have thrust themselves into a position of leadership, a position from which they are expected to lead by example.  The conduct of the student-athlete is expected to be exemplary at all times.

Player Expectations

“Greatness is reserved for the few who will do what no one else will.”

Our players will have the time, information, and encouragement needed to improve their ability, the right to be listened to and recognized for their ideas and contributions, and the authority to solve program oriented problems.  We expect our players to be responsible not only for them self, but also for the program as a whole.  Believing that responsible people produce exceptional results, we will accept nothing less than our best, regardless of the circumstances.  All program participants (coaches, players, parents, school) will treat each other with respect, deal fairly in all our relationships, honor all our commitments and obligations, and hopefully, together, leave a legacy for all future participants to follow.

Player Commitment throughout the Season

“Dreams are what get you going, discipline is what will keep you going.”

–       Attend every practice and game including those on weekends and during vacation days.

–       Attend every gathering and promotional activity.

–       Maintain your academic eligibility.

–       Attend a minimum of four classes on game day.

–       Follow both school and team conduct.

–       Do not participate on any outside team during the season of competition.

–       Travel with your team to and from all games by the designated means of transportation.

–       Put forth your best effort in every training session and game.

–       Complete and return on time all required paper work.

–       Believe that it is not about you individually.

Absolutely No “Outside” Competition

“Discipline yourself so no one else has to.”

Players are not allowed to participate in any outside soccer after we play our first official game.   That includes no indoor soccer, Sunday league soccer, or organized church or community leagues.  Once a player begins high school play they are restricted to participating legally in only high school play.  Any violations will affect both the player and the team.

Practice Schedule

“Champions train when no one else is watching.”

Practice will be take place every day, unless otherwise noted.  Practice starting and ending time will vary throughout the season.  Each coach may alter either the starting or ending time.  Take note that we will practice quite often on Saturdays, however, practice will never occur on Sunday.  If there is inclement weather players must still be prepared to train and play.

Varsity 2:00 – 5:00                 Junior Varsity 2:00 – 5:00

Game Day Expectations

“Respect is shown by playing your best.”

We encourage all parents to attend all games.  It is understood that you will cheer for your team.  While cheering please remember the following under all circumstances:

–       Only cheer positively for our players, remember, they are the ones that have worked hard,

–       Do not comment or engage in any dialogue with any member of the other team/program,

–       Do not direct any comments towards the referee, even if the coach has chosen to do so,

–       Never coach your son or other players on the team, there is a reason you are not the coach.

Playing Time/Team Status

“Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

There is no guarantee of playing time at any level.  The coach will be the sole determiner of playing time.  It will be possible for players to move between varsity and junior varsity depending on their performance, work ethic, and availability.

Parental Concerns

“Any situation facing us is not as important as our attitude towards it, for that determines our success or failure.”

All parental concerns should be addressed at the proper time.  Parents should not confront a coach before, during, or immediately after a game.  Concerns should be communicated when all parties have had the time to reflect on the issue of concern.  All concerns should first be directed to Coach Schade and all discussions will take place with the parent, player, and coach.  If the issue is not resolved it can then be brought to the attention of the Athletic Director and then to an Administrator.


“Every success is built on the ability of doing better than just good enough.” 

You will be asked to make a significant commitment to the soccer program throughout your participation.  You must manage your time carefully and make the necessary sacrifices.

  1. Must have a 2.0 unweighted grade point average from the preceding quarter grading period.

  2. You must successfully pass five classes for 25 units for that quarter.

  3. You must have satisfactory citizenship: no more than two N/U or two referrals within one quarter of instruction.