Welcome to Lancer Soccer Program

Dear Parents,

Congratulations to your son and welcome to the Sunny Hills High School Men’s Soccer Program and our upcoming season. The players have been working hard and our program will continue to provide high expectations for all of our members as we continue the tradition of being the best high school soccer program in Southern California.

We are ready for the upcoming season and the challenges that will confront our program as we continue to play in an extremely competitive Freeway League, and Division 2 of CIF. We fully understand that you did not send your son to Sunny Hills to be average and therefore the coaching staff will provide not only the best soccer training in the area, but also any assistance to continue playing at the college level, as well as the accountability necessary to become a team player both in soccer and life.

We also want you to understand that each season is defined by the efforts of the parents and the decisions they make towards the constant improvement of our program. Our goal is not to be like the other high school soccer programs, our goal is to continue the tradition of improving to become the best possible soccer program and to create the best possible experience for all the families involved.

So with the players committing themselves to the upcoming season, hopefully our parents will become a valuable support group, a group willing and determined to make this season not only special for their son, but also a season that will be a foundation for success for many seasons to come.